An often-overlooked aspect of data center transformation (DCT) is what to do with the older assets inside of data centers as newer systems come online. Improperly disposing of data and other IT assets can cause great disruption and an increase in costs, if not liability and risk of regulatory penalties.

Indeed, many IT organizations are largely unaware of the security and privacy risks of the systems that they need to find a new home for and can often find themselves delivered to the wrong hands. So thinking through the retirement of older assets should be considered early in any DCT process.

Compliance and recycling issues, as well as data security concerns and proper software disposition should therefore be top of mind. DCT is a journey, and an essential part of that process is modernizing, but at the same time sun-setting older systems must come with data protection in mind, and even with an eye to monetize those older systems -- or at least recycle them properly.

In this podcast, we examine how HP manages productive transitions of data center assets -- from security and environmental impact, to recycling and resale, and even to rental of new and older systems during a DCT process. With to explain how to best take care of the older systems reducing risk, as well as providing a financial return, are Helen Tang, Worldwide Data Center Transformation Lead for HP Enterprise Business, and Jim O'Grady, Director of Global Life Cycle Asset Management Services with HP Financial Services. Welcome to the show. The discussion is moderated by BriefingsDirect's Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

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