Reams of log data streams from datacenter and network components every second. Splunk has developed an indexing and search solution to mine and organize that data to help administrators better monitor and repair their systems and reduce downtime. But now Splunk has introduced Splunk Base (, an open, Wiki-driven, global repository for administrators to collectively share knowledge on how systems behave, ways to best manage them, and up-to-date maintenance tips. In this sponored podcast, Dana Gardner interviews Chief Executive Splunker Michael Baum and Chief Community Splunker Pat McGovern (formerly of SourceForge) on what Splunk Base is, how it can become a powerful tool for eliminating downtime, and a one-stop destination for quickly identifying operational solutions.
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Based on a recent IBM poll of CEOs, everyone is talking about business process management, but no one is doing much about it. Guest analysts Neil Macehiter and Neil Ward-Dutton join Dana Gardner on a high-level discussion of how enterprises can prepare for BPM, even if they can't quite buy it out of a box yet.