BriefingsDirect Insights Analysts Probe the Future of Online Advertising and Find Transactional Lucre Lurking Welcome to the latest BriefingsDirect Insights Edition, Vol. 29, a periodic discussion and dissection of software, services, SOA and compute cloud-related news and events, with a panel of IT analysts. In this episode, recorded May 9, 2008, our experts examine the future of online advertising, and how the gathering cloud of services hosts like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon will fare in the next era. The consensus moves toward an algorithmic meta-data driven future in which the winners will be taking a piece of many online transactions, from consumers and businesses. Please join noted IT industry analysts and experts Joe McKendrick, an independent analyst and ZDNet blogger; Tony Baer, principal at OnStrategies and blogger; and Phil Wainewright, independent analyst, director at Procullux Ventures and ZDNet SaaS blogger. Our discussion is hosted and moderated by Dana Gardner. Read a transcript of the podcast:
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